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  1. Asia

    1. Hyunjee (Erica) Nam '19

      What languages can you speak?

      Korean, English, a tiny bit of French and Japanese 


      What extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus?

      Squash Team, College for Cambodia, AKS, Non Sibi Society… etc


      What has been your experience as an international student like? (If applicable)

      It is always challenging to be so far away from home (almost 7000 miles!). Home-sickness was rough, but there were plenty of people who helped me overcome this challenge. Other international students subject to similar struggles have supported me a lot. PA has a great international student community, which makes you feel less solitary being so far away from home. It’s also amazing that I get to meet and befriend students from so many places around the world. Learning about new cultures is always super interesting and fun! 


      What are your favorite thing(s) about Andover?

      First of all, I love Paresky Commons and the food they serve. I think the quality of the food is simply amazing, and some menus are pretty impressive (My favorite are the shrimp stir-fry and cooked salmon / fish). I also love Andover’s campus. Though it is quite immense in size, if you take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the campus is, you will be mesmerized by the scenery (especially when the weather is nice). The atmosphere of Andover’s campus embodies a sense of both warmth and grandeur! 


      How does Andover compare to your home?

      Andover requires me to be a lot more independent. At home, I always have my family — specifically my parents, to take care of me. But coming to Andover, I was impelled to become more independent without my parents constantly standing by my side. Andover is a special place where I can substantially grow up. Moreover, the different culture of Andover that I am exposed to influences my bearing and behaviors. I find myself wearing different kinds of clothes, or even speaking in a different way when I am at Andover. 

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