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  1. Europe

    1. Jackie Rossi '20

      What languages can you speak?

      I can speak English, French, Italian, and Chinese fluently, and am conversant in Spanish.

      What extracurricular activities are you involved with on campus?

      On campus, I am part of several different clubs including Hypnotiq (hip hop dance group), and I am a co-head “StartupAndover” (an entrepreneurship club) of cross country, the swim team, and then waterpolo.

      What are your favorite thing(s) on campus?

      The incredible opportunities offered -  ranging from academic breadth to extra-curricular activities and sports. My day is packed which is exhilarating for me. I have developed a truly awesome group of friends, all of whom I admire. I am challenged academically, AND have the chance pursue different sports (I swim and play waterpolo), as well as have access to creative outlets like singing and dance clubs. It is really inspirational to be amongst such a talented group of students.

      How does Andover compare to your home?

      Brussels is not known for good weather (its cloudy or raining 90% of the time), so I have loved experiencing the different seasons, from the New England fall foliage to a foot of snow in the winter term! When the sun shines in Andover (which is a lot more frequently than my home town), I think it is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. I also feel tremendously spoiled by the amazing food and the ability to enjoy Perk's (one of the coffee shops in the town) coffee during weekends walking into town.

      Briefly talk about an interesting experience you had while visiting another part of the world (if applicable).

      One of my favorite countries is Japan. I visited a few years ago on a family holiday, and found the culture to be very “zen”, soothing and reflective. I appreciated the natural beauty of the gardens and temples. Most of all, I loved the cuisine and the presentation of meals – every dish was a work of art. I even learned how to make sushi rolls at my friend’s house, which I could eat every day.