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    1. My Ha "Alexis" Tran '21

      Please list languages you speak (other than English):

      Vietnamese and French


      Special musical talents:

      I play the piano and violin.


      Special sports or athletic abilities, including participation on club teams:

      I was on the school tennis team for 2 years and also part of the Badminton Squad. I also received a gold medal in a swimming competition. On a noncompetitive level, I have participated in high jump, table tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball, netball, water polo, and rounders.


      Additional talents, accomplishments, and special interests:

      Certificate from SCC (Saigon Children's Charity) for having raised 10,000,000 VND (approximately $500) to provide education scholarships for 10 Vietnamese students & some bicycles, French award, First aid certificate, Gold award for United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Challenge.


      What types of student clubs or campus groups might be of interest to you?

      Community Engagement, Non Sibi Society, Rock Climbing Society, Model UN/ Andover Mock Trial. 

      Andover Email: