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    1. Ihor Barakaiev '20

      Please list languages you speak (other than English):

      Russian, Ukrainian


      Special musical talents:

      I am a professional guitar player, self-taught piano player & composer. I also create electronic music and am interested in DJing.


      Special sports or athletic abilities, including participation on club teams:

      I was doing artistic gymnastics for almost 5 years 5 years ago. I am also good at skating and would like to try Ice Hockey and probably Rowing on the intramural level at Andover.


      Additional talents, accomplishments, and special interests:

      I am self-taught Computer Science engineer. I have finished Stanford's online course Machine Learning with 95.3% grade. I am fascinated by the idea of Artificial Intelligence. Apart of that, I also practice competitive programming (speed problem solving) and create games.


      What types of student clubs or campus groups might be of interest to you?

      Andover Science and Technology Club, Computer Science Club, Math Club, Science Club, Guitar Club, Andover Business and Finance Club, Cryptology Club, Robotics Club.

      Andover Email: