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    1. Anastasia Nikolaeva '20

      What languages can you speak?

      Russian and English but I will be taking AP French the following fall as well.


      What extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus?

      I am a coxswain for the crew team in the fall and spring and I dive in the winter. I am also part of the debate and the entrepreneurship society throughout the year.


      What are your favorite thing(s) about Andover?

      I love the fact that teachers are willing to listen to you and help you if you ask. They genuinely want for you to learn and succeed, taking you seriously at the same time. I also think the amazing resources make Andover stand out amongst other schools. Andover lightly resembles a college environment; it teaches you how to be independent as well as find your ground and interests.


      How does Andover compare to your home?

      Moscow and Andover are definitely two completely different worlds. The latter definitely exudes a much lighter, more welcoming atmosphere. The former, on the other hand, can be a little intimidating to visitors but Moscow has a rich history and even though not every person on the street says hello, I still love the city. Both Andover and Moscow are places where I have made memories and even though they are so radically different, each has certain things I would never give up.


      Briefly talk about an interesting experience you had while visiting another part of the world.

      England and America both speak the same language but certain language is different. For example, in England we alswas called spring term “summer term” because it stretched all the way in to the month of June. Now, when I sometimes accidentally ask a question like “Didn’t this summer term fly by so fast? Or “What sport are you doing next summer?” people think I am really weird.

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