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    1. Kamsi Oramasionwu '19

      What languages can you speak?

      I can only fully speak English, but I’m learning Spanish and I can understand Igbo which is one of the three main languages in Nigeria.


      What extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus?

      For sports, I play volleyball, squash, and I’m currently in instructional ice-skating. Club-wise, I’m a part of the Gospel Choir, the Phillips Academy Sisterhood, and Andover MovieMakers Club. Other things I do include playing alto saxophone in the PA Concert Band and doing different Community Engagement activities.


      What has been your experience as an international student like? (If applicable)

      I found my experience to be really good. People at Andover are very supportive and they make sure that you are settling in. NISO really helped me get acquainted with Andiver and it’s nice to know that there are people in the school who are there for me if I have any questions or am simply feeling homesick.


      What are your favorite thing(s) about Andover?

      I think one of my favorite things about Andover is Paresky Commons because of the plenty of food options each day as well as the food generally being very well made. I also really enjoy the cool events that we have some weekends like group trips to The Loop where there is a great movie theater, shops, and restaurants. I love the great selection of movies that you can borrow from the library, and last but definitely not least, I like how members of the Office of Physical Plant (OPP) work very hard to maintain the campus and keep it looking beautiful.


      How does Andover compare to your home?

      I think Andover (at least the school) is a bit more diverse, and a lot more liberal than my home. At home, we have many different people from different places but most people are religious, and quite conservative. Here in Andover, there are many different beliefs as well as a supporting LGBTQ+ community. There’s also the big difference in weather. Nigeria is hot. All. The. Time. This is not the case in Andover.


      Briefly talk about an interesting experience you had while visiting another part of the world (if applicable).

      An interesting experience I had was taking a school trip to Switzerland in 6th grade. We did a lot of cool things like hiking, fire and tent building, rock-climbing, and even a cool large scale scavenger hunt/race. One particularly fun experience I had during this trip was when we went orienteering in the mountains and the elevation was so high that the snow on the ground and the mist from the clouds blended so that everything was completely white, up until a tree appeared from nowhere. Now that was interesting. 

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