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    1. Douglas Yang '20

      What languages can you speak?

      I'm fluent in english, Mandarin and Cantonese.

      What extracurricular activities are you involved with on campus?

      I am the co-head of the Taiwan/ Cross-Strait relations Club, a writer for the Phillipian, a first violinist in the Academy Symphony orchestra, a 2nd violinist of the Academy Chamber Orchestra, a member of the VEX robotics club, a member of the varsity water polo team, JV swim team and PA Track and Field team.

      What are your favorite thing(s) on campus?

      I really love the people here. Everyone in Andover is incredibly welcoming, warm and most importantly, supportive ---- it has been such a joy getting to meet new people here. Whether the issue is regarding academics, sports or social life, there were always be someone to talk to and I'm grateful for all the encouragement and help i've received. The people you meet here truly define your experience here.

      How does Andover compare to your home?

      One of the main differences, albeit obvious, is that my family is not here. I miss the joy of seeing my parents and siblings everyday and even though i know that my time with them is now limited, I'm grateful to have my friends here to have fun with. I guess in a broader sense, the education is really different here:  Back at home, education was mostly lecture-based with the emphasis on the teacher, but here it is mostly discussion-based where the focus is on the students. Despite this drastic difference, I thoroughly enjoyed the new interactive learning style here and it made learning in PA such an enjoyable experience. Also, the food is so much better back home.

      Briefly talk about an interesting experience you had while visiting another part of the world (if applicable).

      (Nothing really interesting sadly :(( )