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    1. Jenn Lu '19

      What languages can you speak?

      English and Chinese

      What extracurricular activities are you involved with on campus?

      Girl Up United Nations, International Club (of course!), Just Like Home, West Quad North D.C Rep, Chase House Proctor, Non Sibi Journal, Cultural Competency, Tour Guide Ambassador

      What are your favorite thing(s) on campus?

      Whenever commons has green tea cupcakes with rose icing... I ascend spiritually.

      How does Andover compare to your home?

      Andover is always always always buzzing with energy, and that something both similar to and different from home (Hong Kong!). There’s always something to do! The food here, like Hong Kong, is also amazing. Totally recommend the stir fry, blue cheese pizzas, everything!

      Briefly talk about an interesting experience you had while visiting another part of the world (if applicable).

      Went on a trip to Nepal and met a British girl. Two years later, I’m at Andover scrolling through facebook and see a video of her on a viral meme page. Wild.

      Here’s the link of anyone’s interested: