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    1. Ahmed "Mehdi" Inane '20

      Please list languages you speak (other than English):
      French, Classical Arabic and Moroccan Dialect Arabic, German

      Special musical talents:

      Guitar playing.

      Special sports or athletic abilities, including participation on club teams:
      Track and Field (been in a club from September to January): I am a short distance runner, and my strengths are 200m and 400m dashes, I can be good as well in cross country.

      Additional talents, accomplishments, and special interests:
      Community Service, Tutoring, Public Speaking, Writing (especially poetry), Advanced Mathematics (Olympiads), I have also developed recently a growing interest for Philosophy.

      What types of student clubs or campus groups might be of interest to you?
      International Club, STEM/Maths/Design Club, Music Club, Community Service Clubs, The Phillipian Club, Global Ideas and philosophical dialogues Club.