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    1. Ralph Lim '22

      If you have lived and studied outside of your parents’/guardians’ home country, please explain when and where:
      During the summer of 2017, I attended a 5-week summer camp at Phillip's Exeter Academy. This was the only time I lived and studied outside of my parents' home country.

      Please list languages you speak (other than English): Cantonese (dialect), and Chinese

      Special musical talents:
      Electronic and Acoustic Guitar

      Special sports or athletic abilities, including participation on club teams:

      Additional talents, accomplishments, and special interests:

      I have begun developing and honing my skills towards the craft of film. Using both hardware (camera) and software (editing programs) to create videos and small films.

      What types of student clubs or campus groups might be of interest to you?

      Movie Maker's Club, Writing for the School Magazine, and activities that allow me to share my passion for swimming with others.