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  1. New International Students

    1. Nathan Xiong '22

      Please list languages you speak (other than English)
      I can speak Chinese (Mandarin) semi-fluently.

      Special musical talents

      I used to play piano seriously up to Grade 8. Now, I occasionally play for leisure.

      Art (oil painting and digital art), drama, and writing.

      Additional talents, accomplishments, and special interests
      Student Publication groups, Drama Performance groups, Art clubs, Swimming (Varsity), Track and Field or Cross Country, Ultimate Frisbee. I used to play table tennis at a club. Now, I play with family. I am very interested in Olympiad math, eg. AMC, AIME. I am also interested in debating.

      What types of student clubs or campus groups might be of interest to you?

      Math Club, MUN, Mock Investment Club, and The Phillipian.