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  1. New International Students

    1. Zhicheng "Jason" Li '21

      If you have lived and studied outside of your parents’/guardians’ home country, please explain when and where:
      Lived in Korea for 3 year 2011-2014 and then to the US from 2014-2018

      Special musical talents:
      Played a little clarinet but stopped in 6th grade

      Special sports or athletic abilities, including participation on club teams:
      Football, Basketball and Tennis, all the 3 sports were competed on the Varsity level for over 2 years.

      Additional talents, accomplishments, and special interests:

      I have special interests in Drama and Visual Arts, but I am open to trying new things. I was voted to be the Assistant School Leader, a member of the NJHS and I was awarded the Scholastic Honors Award for English and The Norman and Beverly Wakely Prize. I was also the Varsity Tennis Captain this past season.

      What types of student clubs or campus groups might be of interest to you?

      I want to be part of the play, and I am open to trying new clubs, especially something that I don't have the opportunity to do in the classroom or the athletic field